TNT Classes

There are four events of Trampoline & Tumbling:

Trampoline: A single competitor performs routines combining ten different skills, judged and scored on the quality of performance, the degree of difficulty and the time of flight.

Synchronized Trampoline: Two competitors bounce on separate trampolines, aiming to match their skilled performances to perfection. (Team level)

Double-Mini Trampoline: Two skills are performed in sequence, one on the DMT bed and one to dismount

Tumbling: Tumblers perform two passes demonstrating sequences of forward, backward and sideward skills, rotating from hands to feet and feet to feet.

Ratio: 6 students to 1 coach for 4-5 classes, 8 students to 1 coach for 6 & up classes

Registration: $50 Annually

Tuition $108/month for 55 minute class one day a week.