Mens Gymnastics

*Powerhouse would like to remind you that placement on a competitive team is by invitation only*

Contrary to popular belief, gymnastics is not a sport exclusively for females! Believe it or not, aside from TNT, which is a unisex recreation, males have their own form of gymnastics similar to the female artistic program. Athletes participating in our competitive all boys team can expect to first comprehend and then compete in a world composed of 6 events, including: parallel bars, horizontal bars, pommel horse, rings, vault, and floor. Powerhouse has a lot of pride for this program as one of our favorite perks of the job is watching young athletes, especially our males, develop impeccable skill whilst simultaneously learning good discipline. We’re confident that by enrolling your boys in this program, not only will you have a dynamite athlete inside the gym, but a wholesome and well conditioned young man outside of it.