Gymnastics Classes


Powerhouse offers several programs that cater to various demographics. We’re proud that we’ve established specific events that allow adults, toddlers, non-members, etc. to visit our facility and experience what we have to offer; however, our standard gymnastics classes are for boys and girls aged 6 or older and are usually 55 minute sessions, one day per week. Here, we offer artistic, TNT, and boys gymnastics, alongside our dance and cheer programs, as well as our aerial classes! The choices are endless as well as plentiful. Check our availability schedules to see just how many classes we offer. We’re open and operating 6 days a week, so you’re bound to find a program perfect for you. Tuition at just $87 a month on top of an annual $40 registration fee. Look around our website and learn more about the world of gymnastics or stop on by our facility any time to see for yourself. We’re confident we have something for you here.