Open Gyms

Open Gyms

Fun Fridays are an excellent way for those who simply want to see what we’re all about to come and do just that. Whether you’re interested in making a commitment and wanting to scope us out before finalizing your decision or exclusively interested in a one time experience, Fun Fridays are perfect for every kid aged 4-13. Hours of operation are select Fridays from 6:30-9:30pm. Already had dinner? Great! F.F. is only $15 a head. Need fed? Even better. For just $5 more, every kid is presented with the option of pizza or a hot dog paired with a refreshment for dinner at $20 a kid. Register online to reserve your spot!





Ninja Training is an “American Ninja Warrior” style-themed obstacle course. For boys and girls ages 5-12. Cost is $35 per child. Top boy and girl receive a medal. Every child receives a ribbon a certificate with their time. Limited space of 45 kids. Includes dinner – juice and choice pf pizza or hot dog. Nonmembers welcome!

**Extended Fun Friday February 14th – Valentine’s Day **

– Ages 4-13 years, Time 6:30-11pm, Cost $40 per child. Includes dinner & juice.  Non-Members welcome.

Kids enjoy a night full of gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, group games, contests and prizes!

Click Extended Fun Friday February 14 Ages 4-6 to register!

Click Extended Fun Friday February 14 Ages 7-13 to register!