Dance Classes


Powerhouse is very excited to announce that we have officially expanded past gymnastics and cheerleading. We now offer dance classes! We also have the pleasure of introducing Ashley Worrell, former Dallas Mavericks, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Antonio Spurs dancer, as our head dance coach! With a history like hers, we’re expecting great things from this up and coming program. Now offered are one day a week, 55 minute Hip-Hop, Dance Team Prep, Leaps and Turns, and Pom dance classes with limited space offered.


Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop classes combine street dance with funk and jazz, similar to what you would see in televised dance performances or music videos. Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute intricate percussive movements, popping, locking, and breaking.



Dance Team Prep

  • This class will prepare your student for drill team tryouts. Learning what to expect as a drill team member-kicks, splits, techniques, and basic drill team moves. It helps develop coordination, body form, flexibility, rhythm and balance. Dance Team Prep forms the proper background for those interested in trying out for drill team. Each class will be something difference and will vary from pom, jazz, hip hop, kick, and drill. Students will learn fast-paced drill team choreography, kick lines, formation changes, and the importance of executing each move with power and precision.




  • Pom is a class designed to introduce dances to the basic of proper jazz dance technique while including the sharp synchronized movements and visual effects of working with pom poms! For those students looking towards trying out for cheer and dance teams, this class translates into these competitive performance styles. Class curriculum will include a proper warm-up and stretches, jazz, kick line, turn, leap, jump and pom technique with concentration on complete and correct execution of motions. We will create fun, high energized pom routines.


Leaps and Turns

  • The class will concentrate heavily on kicks and leaps, as well as turns, to improve your technique. It is a fun way to learn the correct way to focus on dance technique while strengthening and teaching one how to stretch and dance properly.


Call now to register for the newest opportunity at Powerhouse: our dance program!


Tuition is $87 a month with an annual registration fee of $45.