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Why Join Boys Artistic Gymnastics?

Participation in Boys Artistic Gymnastics is an investment into your child’s future. More than ever, it is important to find activities that develop your son’s fitness and character while also engaging his imagination in a fun and educational way.

  • Overcoming Challenges Builds Self-Esteem
  • Learning how to Fall more safely
  • Development of Motor Skills
  • Strength Development
  • Range-of-Motion Development
  • Fitness and Movement Concepts

Now, we understand that developing motor skills and range-of-motion aren’t necessarily high on your son’s priority list, but we introduce concepts and physical development in a series of fun and high energy lessons that will not fail to capture your son’s interest.

How does the Boys Artistic Program work?

Powerhouse Gymnastics Training Center offers a Developmental Program as well as a Competitive Program for boy’s artistic gymnastics. All gymnasts begin in the Developmental Program and may progress to the Competitive Program in a variety of ways.  Progress from one level to another will occur when a gymnast completes their skills and concepts chart for that level.

 Powerhouse Boys Artistic – Developmental Program

The Powerhouse Boys Artistic Developmental Program consists of four levels designed to introduce and prepare gymnasts to safely learn advanced gymnastics skills and routines. In each level, your son will receive periodic progress reports and will have a skills and concept chart that they will need to complete in order to move to the next level.


BEGINNER This class is designed to teach new gymnasts the terminology, fundamental movements, positions, and concepts they will need in order to progress through the sport safely and with confidence.
BRONZE The BRONZE level builds off of the concepts and movements learned in the beginner level and introduces the essential elements and skills that the intermediate and advanced level skills are derived from. BRONZE level gymnasts are eligible for competition.
SILVER In the SILVER level, gymnasts will begin higher level mastery of the essential elements and will be introduced to intermediate level skills and routines. SILVER level gymnasts are eligible for competition.
GOLD In the GOLD level, gymnasts are introduced to advanced skills and routines that will enable them to continue gymnastics at a higher level. GOLD level gymnasts are eligible for competition.


Powerhouse Boys Artistic – Competitive Program

The Powerhouse Boys Artistic Competitive Program consists of boys who represent Powerhouse Gymnastics in USA Gymnastics competitions. Our teams compete throughout Texas and the Senior Team participates in events nationally. Powerhouse Boys Artistic gymnasts have competed on the international stage and gone on to compete in NCAA collegiate programs.

There are two tracks within the Boys Artistic Program:

Boys Artistic – Xcel

The Xcel track is ideal for those boys who want to progress to learn higher level gymnastics skills, as well as participate in competitions. This program offers quality participation in competitive gymnastics with a lower financial and time commitment.  Powerhouse Boys Xcel Teams compete in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels.  Successful competitors at the Gold Level may progress to the JO Team.  Powerhouse encourages any class member in either the BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD level to participate in the Xcel Program.

Boys Artistic – Junior Olympic (JO)/Junior Elite (JE)

The JO and JE track is a high-performance program where gymnasts train between 9 and 20+ hours per week. The successful JO and JE gymnast demonstrates passion for the sport.  Powerhouse Boys JO and JE Teams compete starting in Level 4 and progress to Level 10.  Participation on these teams is through a tryout or the Xcel Program, and by invitation only.

What do you use for a curriculum?

The Boys Artistic Developmental Program uses the industry gold standard skill progression recommendations from USA Gymnastics in the Essential Elements Program. Each level at Powerhouse has required skills, terms, and concepts that individual gymnasts must master before moving to the next level.  Our program uses weekly lesson plans that either introduce or reinforce those requirements in every practice.  Each week your son will receive a boy’s program newsletter that will show exactly what your son worked on that week.

How do you track progress?

Each gymnast enrolled in the Boys Artistic Developmental Program will be tracked individually and their progress through the levels will be recorded on their personal skills and concepts chart. We understand that every child is unique and will achieve at their own pace.  Powerhouse promotes gymnasts at their own speed, and will move gymnasts from one level to another based on their individual progress.  We will not hold anyone back or promote someone too quickly based on the other kids in their class.

Is there a dress code for my son’s class?

Powerhouse requires a gymnastics step-in and shorts or compression shirt and shorts for anyone enrolled in the Boys Program. Loose fitting shirts and shorts with zippers, buttons, or pockets present a safety concern that is easily avoided with proper attire.  BEGINNER and BRONZE level classes do not require a uniform, but starting at the SILVER level and higher, Powerhouse requires gymnasts to wear the workout attire for their level.

My son joined the Excel Boys Team…now what?

Congratulations and welcome to the Boys Team! When your son joins the BRONZE or SILVER Excel Boys Team he will keep his weekly class and will add a required Excel Team class.  The Excel Team class will meet once a week for two hours.  In that class, your son will continue to work on skill development, but will also focus on presentation and routine development in order to be well prepared for competition.  GOLD Excel Boys Team members will move from their weekly class into the GOLD Excel Boys Team class.

What is the Excel Boys Team Uniform?

The Excel Boys Team wears the practice uniform to their competitions. In order to compete, team members must be in our club uniform.  The compression shirt and shorts that make up the practice uniform are required.

What else is required?

All Excel competitors must purchase a USA Gymnastics introductory athlete membership. The forms are available at the front desk.  USA Gymnastics will then issue a unique athlete number for each gymnast.  That number will allow Powerhouse to enter your son into competitions and allow your gymnast into the competition area.

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