Class Description Programs


  • Meet once a week
  • 55 minutes long
  • Low Ratios
  • On-going registration
  • Classes are year-round
  • $40 annual registration fee
  • $81* a month for one hour classes, one day a week

*A nominal increase of 4% will take effect every September


  • Students receive a Progress Report every 3 months
  • Birthday Card for 1 free pass for Open Gym
  • Annual Recital “Class Meet”: Every child receives a medal for performing and a 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd place ribbon for each routine performed.

Benefits of Gymnastics:

  • Fitness – experiencing fun associated with fitness activities early in life can create life-long positive fitness habits.
  • Mental Focus – learning how to concentrate on a task and achieving goals.
  • Balance – walking beams can transfer later to riding a bike.
  • Social Skills – taking turns, working with partners, sharing, making friends and acknowledging the accomplishments of others.
  • Strength – climbing on bars develops muscle strength.
  • Flexibility – improved range of motion through stretching and holding body positions.
  • Coordination – hand-eye coordination improves writing ability while eye-tracking improves reading readiness.
  • Burn Calories – and help jumpstart a life of fitness.
  • The Sport of All Sports – gymnastics prepares kids for all sports

Activity Benefits:

  • Gross Motor Skills, Balance, Control, and Strength Building.
  • Extracurricular activity offered at your center



  • Bars: pull-over, forward roll & more!
  • Balance Beam: forward walks, backward walks, jumps, passé, coupé & more!
  • Trampoline: tuck, pike, straddle jump & more!
  • Tumbling: cartwheels, handstands, fowrd rolls, backward rolls & more!
  • Gross Motor: bear crawls, crab walks, & more!

Powerhouse On Wheels (PHOW)

Preschool “Field Trips” We come to you!

“Tizzy” the Powerhouse On Wheels bus travels to your child’s daycare.

Your child will learn basic gymnastics skills all while having fun at the same time!

No Registration Fee.
Ages 2-5
Tuition withdrawn the 5th of the month
($7 per day)
Parents: Contact your child’s daycare if you would like the PHOW bus to do field trips!
Directors: For more information on PHOW.
Click HERE or call 210.767.9654


Parent and child explore movement together while learning gymnastics. Your child will learn balance, gross motor skills, acquire strength, flexibility, coordination, obtain body awareness, and increase mental focus to achieve goals while learning gymnastics.


TB 3s

In this class, your child will receive basic instruction on the balance beam, uneven bars, parallel bars, rings, trampoline, and tumbling.

Class is held upstairs in the small gym. Parents can watch their children through the viewing window.

Ratio is 6 to 1 or 12 to 2.

4-5 All Gym

This “all gym” class uses full size equipment including our professional trampoline, double mini trampoline, vault, tumbling floor, parallel bars, Tumble Trak, uneven bars and balance beam.

Ratio is 6 students to 1 coach.


Girls Artistic

Students will focus on building their skills on the bars, balance beam, vault and floor.

Girls Artistic develops strength, balance, flexibility, air sense, and grace.

  • Bronze/Level 1 Girls Art. 4 yrs. & up
  • Silver/Level 2 Girls Art. 4 yrs. & up
  • Gold/Level 3 Girls Art. 6 yrs. & up
  • Plantinum/Level 4 Girls Art. 6 yrs & up

Ratio for 4-5 years old is 6 students to 1 coach.
Ratio for 6 years & up is 8 students to 1 coach.



Boys Artistic

Focus will be on building skills on the pommel horse, high bar, bars, tumbling, vault, rings and mushroom.

This program will help develop strength, air sense, power, balance, and flexibility.


  • Beg. Boys Art. 4 & up
  • Int. Boys Art. 4 & up
  • Adv. Boys Art. 6 & up

Trampoline & Tumbling (TnT)

In this co-ed class your child will focus on building their skills on the trampoline, double mini trampoline and tumbling.

Your child will learn the basics in all three, while increasing their balance, flexibility, strength and air awareness


  • Bronze TnT 4 yrs. & up
  • Silver TnT 4 yrs. & up
  • Gold TnT 4 yrs. & up
  • Platinum Tnt 6 yrs. & up

Ratio for 4-5 year old is 6 to 1.
Ratio for 6 & up is 8 to 1.

Aerial Acrobatics

Students will train on the trapeze, silk, and hoop in which teaches strength, grace, balance & flexibility.


Aerial Acrobatics Ages 6 yrs. & up

Cheer Tumbling

Your child will learn and improve on their standing, running tumbling skills and toe touches using the spring floor and tumble trak trampoline.

Ratio for 6 & up is 8 students to 1 coach.


Working hard on jumps


  • Bronze Cheer tumbling 6 yrs. & up
  • Silver Cheer Tumbling 6 yrs. & up
  • Gold Cheer Tumbling 6 yrs. & up
  • Platinum Cheer Tumbling 6 yrs. & up
  • Diamond Cheer Tumbling 6 yrs. & up




Powerhouse is a great place for home school Gymnastics.  With our low Student to Coach ratios, your child can focus on learning new skills every week.

We offer Boys and Girls Artistic classes, and TnT (Trampoline & Tumbling) classes.


Beg. TNT 6-12 Homeschool Mon. 1:00pm-2:00pm

Bronze/Level 1 Girls Art. 6-12 Homeschool Mon. 1:00pm-2:00pm


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From Competitive Boys and Girls Gymnastics, and Tumbling & Trampoline programs, to Mother's Day Out and Motion Fitness Programs we are here for you! Our professional staff and coaches are eager to see young people succeed. We also host Birthdays, Team Building events, and have space for multiple uses. We look forward to your visit!

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